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Our Work

As we enter our 81st year, we continue to look at how we can leverage resources and make investments that will help people move across the bridge to prosperity. Because of you, we are making progress:
• Fewer children will experience Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), because Kitsap Strong is reaching out to pediatricians, educators - especially preschool teachers, caregivers, and parents to bring a better understanding of the lifelong effects of these negative influences.
• Through our network of community partners, children in Kitsap County are learning the skills to become resilient in the face of Adverse Childhood Experiences, empowering them to have positive, successful lives, as we build a Trauma Informed Community.
• By 2030,  90% of our high school students will graduate and at least 70% will go on to post-high school training - apprenticeships, technical school, or college - a result of Graduate Strong. A collective impact project, Graduate Strong is an outgrowth of Kitsap Strong, involving community and school district leaders. These skilled graduates will meet the future employment needs of our community.
• The Homes for All collaboration is introducing Tiny Cabins as affordable housing units to meet transitional, emergency and temporary needs. Placed in a village setting around a communal kitchen and bathroom/shower facility and case management, these cabins will provide security; an address; and warm, dry, private lodging to help people get back on their feet.
• About half of the approximately 65 chronic users of our public services are being served by a new initiative called Kitsap Connect, an outgrowth of the county’s mental health tax. Their immediate needs are being met by skilled nurses, who are also teaching them to use services effectively before an issue becomes an emergency.
• Donations help the bottom line of the agencies that make up our community safety net, from food banks and emergency housing to addiction recovery.
• Volunteer Kitsap provides a wide variety of ways that you can help others and teach your children the value of volunteering and the importance of Living United.
• Peninsula’s 2-1-1 referral service receives nearly 2000 calls per month from people simply looking for answers, when they have nowhere else to turn.
Because of you, we are making steady progress working with other organizations: collaborating, building coalitions, bringing problem solvers together to find answers.
We win by Living United. By forging unlikely partnerships. By finding new solutions to old problems. By mobilizing the best resources. And by inspiring you to join with us as we fight for what matters; the Health, Education and Financial Stability of everyone in Kitsap County.
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