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Here are some great ways to combine team building with community building! 

Registrations are now open for our Annual Golf Classic on June 19th, Day of Caring on June 28th, and 1st Annual Over the Edge on September 14th.

Kitsap Credit Union (KCU) continues "Doing Life Together" – both literally and figuratively.   KCU's Chief Financial Officer Brad Miller, along with Colin Morrison presented the check to United Way of Kitsap County Board President Jamie Haywood & Executive Director Carl Borg at our March 21, 2019 board meeting.    Employees of KCU voluntarily donated over $12,000 to the community organization out of their own wallets and paychecks – either in one-time donations or through payroll deductions. KCU leadership donated the remaining amount to bump it to an even $15,000 making the total...