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Proud to be a Presenting Partner for the Kitsap Great Give on April 24, 2018!

For the fourth year, United Way of Kitsap County is proud to be a Presenting Partner for the Kitsap Great Give on April 24, 2018. This annual event is an inspiring opportunity for all of us to step up to support our community in the ways that we personally find most important.
We want to especially thank the Kitsap Community Foundation for their work in organizing and managing the Kitsap Great Give. And we extend our gratitude to the many sponsors who contribute to the local matching pool of dollars. Thanks to the overwhelming support from Great Give donors over the past four years. The Kitsap Great Give is a growing opportunity to enrich all of our lives, including participating charities, donors, and the community as a whole!
It warms the heart to know that the funds raised on one designated day of giving help support the hard-working, dedicated nonprofit network of agencies and charities throughout Kitsap County.  The overall mission of the network of nonprofits, United Way of Kitsap County, and the Kitsap Community Foundation is to attack the root problems that effect those living in poverty and work to lift the entire county.   
As a Presenting Partner alongside the Kitsap Community Foundation, we are invested in the Kitsap Great Give’s matching funds pool. We pledge that every dollar donated to United Way on April 24 will be invested in programs that help people in our community who are struggling to survive. Housing, childhood trauma and education attainment are at the heart of everything we do at United Way.  We fight for the Education, Health and Financial Stability of everyone in Kitsap County.  The Kitsap Great Give is one more way to help our safety net of health and human service agencies provide for those most in need. Together we can lift individuals and families out of poverty and create a better life for their children. 
We want to thank you in advance for partnering with United Way and the Kitsap Community Foundation on this special day of giving, whether as a donor or a Great Give Sponsor.  Your participation in Kitsap’s Great Give re-energizes our strong and vibrant community safety net, giving a much-needed spring boost to our efforts to provide for the most vulnerable among us. We are grateful to have you on board!
Carl E Borg III
Executive Director
United Way of Kitsap County