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Grant Applications Now Being Accepted - Child Care Sustainability & Families Support Program

We invite Child Care Providers in Kitsap County to apply for our newly created Child Care Sustainability & Families Support Grants program.
As stated in the January 2021 Poverty Reduction Working Group Executive Summary: 
“The research is crystal clear – there is a causal relationship between poverty and its negative effects on child, adult, family, and community well-being. Nearly every goal Washington state wishes to make progress on – including kindergarten readiness, high school graduation, an educated workforce, healthy families, less crime, and strong communities – would significantly improve if poverty and inequality were reduced. Investing in the social and economic well-being of Washingtonians is not just the right thing to do, it also saves money – for every $1 invested in reducing child poverty there is a $7 return to the economy due to increased earnings when children become adults and savings from reduced state spending on homelessness, health, and crime. 
Washington state will not reach its full potential until its residents can. Reducing poverty and inequality is an essential investment in the collective well-being of our communities and economy.”
Our Child Care Sustainability & Families Support Grants program, is still in development, and fundraising is a work in progress. Your application will help us highlight the true needs of Child Care Providers in our community, helping to strengthen our fundraising work, so that in turn, we are able to invest more into the important work you do, as we also continue to advocate with coalition partners to keep Early Learning at the forefront of our legislators. 
Our focus will be primarily to serve the ALICE (Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed) population, inclusive of the children, working parents and the child care workers themselves. We are most focused on serving the underserved, under-resourced and sometimes considered forgotten populations of Kitsap County.    
We believe to succeed as a community, we must tackle the challenges of poverty together. As you know, helping ensure that children enter kindergarten ready to learn gives them the opportunity to reach their full potential.