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Educational Experiences Matter
Helping ensure that children enter kindergarten ready to learn gives them the opportunity to reach their full potential. It matters to everyone that children go on to secondary opportunities and grow up to be contributing members of our community.
Graduate Kitsap and Mason Common Agenda:
Graduate Kitsap and Mason will strengthen our community by reducing gaps in educational opportunity and increasing post-secondary enrollment and completion.
Graduate Kitsap and Mason Guiding Principles:
a. Collective impact approach. Shared accountability that brings community and classroom together.
b. Research based and driven by disaggregated data.
c. Equity-based - An inclusive, anti-racist approach that closes gaps.
d. Resiliency focused – Building resiliency over time through positive experiences and relationships.
e. Building community capacity- Our community has strengths and resources to help ALL students flourish.
Graduate Kitsap and Mason Shared Measure:
Increase the percent of youth completing a post-secondary program to a minimum of 70% by 2030 (Kitsap and Mason County average based on the graduating class of 2007 is 27.45%).
Goal #1:  Increase the percent of youth enrolling in a post-secondary program to a minimum of 70% in Kitsap and Mason County of all high school graduates (51% Kitsap and Mason County average in 2015).
Goal #2:  Increase the percent of students enrolled in post-secondary programs completing a degree or certificate to 70% in Kitsap and Mason County (approximate baseline, 57% Kitsap and Mason County average).
 How We Fight for Education:
Graduate Kitsap-Mason
Ready for Kindergarten
Post-Secondary opportunities
N.E.A.R. Education